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Welcome to the Cadastre LAPIS system!

This system allows authorised users to access Cadastre land and property records and also view scanned images of property conveyance documents (deeds) and plans registered at H.M. Greffe.

Using this information enables users to verify details of property ownership, TRP assessments and unit values and also download and print Cadastre notification letters, Greffe registered conveyance documents and plans.

If you already have access, please click here or use the links provided in the menu above to continue to the search pages.

To apply for access to the system please contact the Cadastre by phone on 01481 221239 or by email at

Useful Information

Latest Update

Please note from 1st January 2022 the charge for accessing Greffe Deeds and Greffe Plans will increase from £3.50 to £3.75 per item.


The fee for accessing scans is charged at: £0.50 Cadastre property record view £0.50 Cadastre notification letter (TSheet) £3.75 Greffe conveyance (Deed) £3.75 Greffe Plan

Index Contents searches charged at 50p per page of results viewed.

Account maintenance and administration carries a standard charge of £5.00 per month. Invoices are emailed quarterly in arrears.

Top Tip
To view charges accrued through the use of this service, please click on your username in the top right of this page. From there can check your current session or specify a date range for charges.

Digital Map (Land parcel outlines)
The land parcel outlines displayed on the digital map are for the purposes of identification only and are not legally accurate. The legal boundary of a property is defined within the text of a corresponding registered deed document or illustrated by way of a registered plan.
Domestic TRP (Tax on Real property)

The Domestic TRP is a figure commonly requested by estate agents and is the sum of TRP categories B1.x, B2.x and B3.x

Local Market property is assigned a domestic TRP category B1.x whereas Open Market is categorised B2.x

TSheets (Cadastre notification letters)

The system provides, via embedded hyperlinks, access to images of advocates’ notification letters to Cadastre (or Tsheets) detailing changes to property ownership dating back to 1918. Images of the manual Cadastre ledgers of 1924 and 1947 (or, register sheets) are also included.

Traditional research of the Cadastre records may still be required for property transaction and assessment history prior to 1986.


The LAPIS system is based on Cadastre transaction records which have been matched to corresponding Greffe conveyance and plan documents dating back to 1950. It should be noted that Greffe registrations other than changes of ownership were not historically notified to Cadastre and a program to record these transactions in still ongoing. Currently, the Cadastre and Greffe registers are completely matched from 2005 to present. Greffe registrations as yet unrecorded on LAPIS can be located using the Index feature.

The index for the deeds & plans may not be complete and normal research may be required.

Error reporting

If you encounter any issues or errors while using the system, please notify us using the Report Error function or alternatively by email at

Users are actively encouraged to notify Cadastre of any errors or inconsistences with the data and/or mapping. The integrity of the data is dependent on the quality of information provided to Cadastre and your input enables us to continue to improve the system. Your co-operation is always appreciated.

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